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Sony XPERIA Arc video showing laggy UI

Keeping it real, the device has not been released yet. So we need to reserve final judgment until after release to see if the Sony XPERIA Arc UI which on the surface seems cool, but as experience shows (Hello HTC Sense) can cause some lag. Such  is the case in the video from SEProductBlog where they are doing a pretty nice video walk around the two color versions of the Arc that will be released, the first being Misty Silver and the second being Midnight Blue. A couple of notes while watching the video was the location of the 3.5mm audio jack and the micro HDMI post seem to be swapped for some reason. Not sure why they would put the audio jack on the side and the HDMI out on the top? Very weird. I am also not a big fan of plastic covers as they wear out and give a device a cheap feel to it. Other wise expect a non removable battery as well.

The Sony XPERIA Arc is coming with Sony’s new XPERIA UI and has a really neat feature to it in that within any of the five stage widgets, you can pinch to zoom and bring all the widgets (minimized) to one screen. Choose the next widget you want, tap it and then you are to that full size widget page. I really liked this aspect of the UI, but other than that , it does seem a little too “full bodied” for me.

Whether it be the XPERIA UI, or the amazing “Reality Display” (4.2 inches with a gorgeous FWVGA resolution 854 x 480), something in the video is clearly putting a hurtin’ on the Qualcomm 1GHz processor. Yep, you’re right, no NVIDIA Dual Core goodness here.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. I was really excited about this device for the excellent camera, 8.1 megapixel with the Sony XR4 Camera Sensor in it that will finally shot some way better low light photos. The Sony XPERIA Arc certainly has some whistles and bells, but appears to be slightly underpowered in this video.

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