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Southwest Airlines Live TV Inflight in Addition To WiFi

Even though I seldom use Southwest Airlines they are without doubt my favorite. I wish they had a bigger fleet with more stops so I could quit using Delta. But that’s another rant not suited for Mobility Digest. So today, Southwest in addition to WiFi on board their fleet will be introducing Live Streaming TV in five of their aircraft. By Mid July there is already plans to expand to 20 planes. 

"We are excited to give our Customers new options for inflight entertainment," said Dave Ridley, Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer and Sr. Vice President Marketing and Revenue Management. "We believe our Customers will enjoy the opportunity to access live TV, in addition to WiFi, using their personal devices, and we look forward to their feedback on the product."

"Southwest continues to demonstrate bold leadership within the airline industry, taking innovative steps to improve the travel experience for their Customers," said John LaValle, Row 44 Chief Executive Officer. "Row 44 believes live inflight television is a highly desired element of inflight entertainment.  As a trailblazer in the travel industry, Southwest is the ideal partner to launch live TV, and like Southwest, we are keen to learn from their Customers’ experiences with this next evolution of our platform."

Southwest Airlines will offer seven live TV channels on these five aircraft so that Customers can stay abreast of the latest news or sports scores while flying at 35,000 feet:

  • NBC Sports
  • MLB live games from
  • NFL Network
  • CNBC
  • Fox News
  • Fox Business News

Of course nothing is ever free and Southwest is looking at pricing the Live Streaming TV service separately from the WiFi service between 3-8 dollars.