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Spb Mobile Shell Users: Get Your WinMo 6.5 On!

Windows Mobile 6.5 really seems to be making the news today! I just wrote how Microsoft pulled the plug on XDA for developing/porting  Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Touch Pro/Fuze. It seems the threads are still open, but all of the links to the ROM’s have been pulled! The 800 Pound Gorilla Flexed his muscles! Read more about that HERE.

But here is some good news for all us QVGA guys out there who still want to get some WinMo 6.5 goodness on our devices! There is a new theme for Spb Mobile Shell users (v2.1.5) that is a great look at what you can expect when you move into a device that supports Windows Mobile 6.5, or XDA finishes porting it for us! For now, we can settle for a really cool theme for Spb Mobile Shell:

So if you are interested in checking out this really cool theme, head on over to XDA and check out this theme by mtstmp or you can click the link below.

[Skin] WinMo 6.5 – Mobile Shell 2.1.5 – QVGA [3/11/09]