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Speed City 3-D Game (And Others) Free

Microsoft is providing free access to a 3-D bike racing game called Speed City from OmniG Software.  This is part of being a Total Access member so just by signing up you get a few free games and apps.

Speed City, from OmniG Software, Inc., is a 3-D street racing game inspired by the rebel motorcycle subculture. Master your tremendous speed machine as you hug curves and burn through the sleek nighttime streets of the glittering city.
With stunning city scenes, lifelike physics simulation, and exciting street racing, you’ll definitely feel the pulse of Speed City!

Game Details
  • For touch screen and non-touch screen phones

  • Free full version

  • An endless challenge with randomly generated racing routes

  • Stunning city scenes and lifelike physics simulation

  • 3-D graphics

The download is available here. And while you’re at it you may want to download Astraware’s Sudoku and Astraware’s Boardgames both of which are free.