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Sprinkle Junior Launches on iOS and Android

Like I said, it seems to be the day for games and I’ve got another announcement for you, no it’s not a free game, but it is for both Android and Apple devices. I like the new trend where developers are releasing games on both platforms at the same time, it really means that Android is competing with iOS now. There was a time when it took months to even years before an iOS game came to Android, but not anymore.



Titan is burning and again needs your help to put out the fires! But this time, there’s no rush. Mediocre Games today presents Sprinkle Junior, a cute and light-hearted new edition of the water-splashing and fire-fighting game Sprinkle. Availabe today to download for $1.99 on the App Store and Android Market, children of all ages will have a blast exploring colorful and cartoony new levels and putting out pesky fires!

The critically-acclaimed Sprinkle first launched this summer, quickly shooting up the charts as fans embraced it’s realistic water physics, challenging puzzles, and cute art style. Today, Mediocre brings this fun to a younger generation of gamers with Sprinkle Junior.

“We loved working on the original Sprinkle and were ecstatic at the reaction from players and fans,” said Dennis Gustafsson, co-founder of Mediocre. “”We’ve also noticed that kids are crazy about Sprinkle, but the game mechanic and levels are a bit too hard, so we decided to createSprinkle Junior for our youngest players!”

Using the same water physics but introducing simpler controls and new levels full of cute and colorful characters and features, Sprinkle Juniorbrings 22 levels of water-filled playgrounds to young mobile gamers everwhere. Gone are time and water limits and hard to figure out puzzles – the levels in Sprinkle Junior are ripe for exploring, with a few fires in need of dousing thrown in!

Download Sprinkle Junior today on the iTunes App Store and Android Market for $0.99:
• iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:
• Android devices:

To see Sprinkle Junior in action, check out the launch trailer at For more information please visit