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Sprint Touch Pro 2 Spotted and Dated

User bigchico68 of SprintUsers forums just had some face time with the Sprint variant of the Touch Pro 2 and he shared some photos. With respect to the Touch Pro 2 he said

I just got visual confirmation of the Touch Pro 2. It is awesome I got to play with it. It will be available for Sprint in Mid- June…Enjoy!!

Considering he has photos to prove that he has held a Sprint Touch Pro 2 I’m in no position to doubt anything he says:) Take a look at the photos and feel free to voice your opinion about their choice of color scheme and their customization on the back cover of the TP2. I don’t know why I keep thinking about it, but it just doesn’t look water tight to me:) So, are you going on the Pre line or the TP2 line?

via Engadget