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SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround Available on All Samsung Galaxy S Smart-Phones

srs As you probably have noticed, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S™ line of Android powered smart-phones has really begun to gain in popularity, and rightfully so, these phones are packing some serious power, a killer screen and superb audio performance. If you are currently reviewing one of these phones or plan to review one in the future, be sure to check out the SRS Virtual 5.1ch. surround sound feature located within the Music and Video players.

You can experience the SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround effect by pressing the (5.1ch.) button within either the embedded Music Player or Video Player.

What to listen for when using the SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround feature:

  • Creates an accurate 5.1 personal surround sound experience over any stereo headphones
  • Dialog Clarity boosts the frequency range of the human voice in a way that lifts the dialog above the audio effects
  • A drastic increase in overall bass response

The SRS 5.1 Virtual Surround feature can be found on the following SAMSUNG Galaxy S smart-phones from top carriers.

  • AT&T – Captivate
  • T-Mobile – Vibrant
  • Sprint – Epic
  • Verizon – Fascinate
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