Here is a cool graphic that I came across over at,  an online business research and media company. This graphic gives us information regarding several different categories of the internet; such as, how many men and how many women use the internet, age group, income level, education level, blog world, and daily usage. I edited the image so that I do not take up too much space on the home page (Dr. Jim :D) but if you want to see the whole image just hit the “click here to read more” link.

Any speculations on any of this stuff? Or which mobile providers the last graphic is talking about?


  1. […] too much space on the home page (Dr. Jim ) but if you want to see the whole image just hit the “click here to read more” […]

  2. As far as Broadband speed goes, are we so much slower in general compared to other countries on average because we have so much more area to cover and there are still so many low speed networks and modems in this country? I guess what I’m asking is, “Is this a case of our infrastructure lagging behind so far in terms of raw speed or in terms of geography to cover?” Is the average killing the overall speed or are we lagging in implementing the higher speed technologies?

    More importantly, should we be concerned that home usage is up 11% in the “Use it more than once a day” category? Or should we just regard that as a natural adopting of the best technologies at hand to achieve our daily goals?

    Now the big question… Who are Blue, Pink, and Green? In light of recent figures, I’m guessing AT&T is Pink, Verizon is Green, and Sprint is Blue, or maybe vice-versa for the last two?

  3. I think we are much slower compared to other countries. For example there is no way i can get a 61Mbps connection in my area, heck i dont even think i can get a 24mbps connection. But I do think the reason why our average is so slow is because of the much low speed (cheaper) networks that a majority of the households opt for. This is probably what drives our average so low.

    I dont think we should be concerned with the increase in usage. EVERYTHING these days is dependent upon computers even kids are starting at a very very young age and schools are encouraging them to use computers. So I dont think that seeing an increase in the use more than once per day should be alarming.

    The mobile internet category its really hard to tell who is who because all of the numbers are so close.

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