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Stay Connected to Your Phone with the Z-Connector

Ok, I’m not sure about this thing at all. You guys have to tell me what you think of it. First let me start with this thing was invented by a ballerina, yes I said ballerina as in dancing on her toes. Secondly it’s a chain for your phone like on a pocket watch. Thirdly do we really need something like this?  I man I can see it has it’s uses, but would you want to talk on your phone with a chain attached to it? I don’t know, I’m torn as to my feelings for it. The Z-Connector comes as just the chain and phone attachment or your can get a specialty case for your phone with the chain permanently attached to the case. The idea of course is to make your less easy to lose.  Read the PR, visit the site and you tell me what you think… 


Former ballerina, college professor, now inventor and entrepreneur Rhonda Burke Spero, co-owner and designer of the Z-Connector (, an easy and stylishly innovative product that keeps your smartphone as safe as pocket watches were a century ago, has retained TransMedia Group for publicity.


TransMedia plans to publicize Z-Connector, LLC’s Direct z Connect (DzC) and their Z-Connector apparatus’ as a functional and fashionable attachment, turning your smartphone into a 21st Century pocket watch.


"The DzC is a small circular apparatus with a non-permanent 100-pound bonding adhesive placed on the back of any cellular phone.  This allows attachment to a designer chain, which connects to the phone, eliminating stress, anxiety, and cost of damaging or losing your smartphone investment," said Abby Blake, TransMedia’s Manager of Public Relations.

To save her son from wasting money on new phones and hundreds of dollars on cell phone insurance, Spero designed the Z-Connector and the DzC so her son’s smartphone and his body would be like two dancers elegantly connected in a pas de deux that would never result in a dropped, lost or stolen phone. 


"TransMedia will publicize the invention as a functionally fashionable security system for businessmen and women, busy moms, teens and young adults who want to ‘stay connected’ to their personal smartphone.  Also, it will highlight how the Z-Connector allows people to keep their phone safe and on hand just as grandpa stayed attractively tethered to his pocket watch," said TransMedia Group’s CEO Tom Madden. 


"Spero came up with the idea from people securing mittens to winter jackets up North with suspender-type fasteners. The Z-Connector works similarly with one end of the Z-Connector Designer Chain connected to the DzC or Z-Connector apparatus on the back of their smartphone and the other end connected to clothing, purse, briefcase, book bag, etc," said Blake


The Z-Connector debuted Sept. 22 and is sold exclusively online. Spero received her B.F.A, M.E.D, and PhD. from The Ohio State University. Spero was a Professor at University of Miami’s Department of Education.  She was a professional dancer, a performing arts instructor for BalletMet, and Founder and Artistic Director of the Neoteric Dance Theatre and Rhonda Burke Dancers in Columbus, Ohio.