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Step Your Game Up or Step Aside, Retina

Because Hitachi may dethrone you.

Hitachi’s Hitachi Displays claims to have developed an LCD screen a 4.5” 16:9 720×1280 res screen. In addition to the larger screen with the higher resolution, that’s 329 pixels per inch versus the iPhone 4’s lame-ass 326ppi.

Oh what, you’re thinking, “Yeah okay but I bet it doesn’t have anything on the iPhone’s contrast ratio.” Wrong punk, 1100:1 vs 800:1 (the higher the first number the better right?). “Oh yeah smart mouth? I bet the iPhone’s brightness kicks this thing’s ass.” Wrong again fartnose, they’re equal on that one.

No word yet on relative reflectivity; Apple has not responded to our request for comment. Want to fly to LA to see this for yourself in May and maybe, more importantly, get lucky too)? Here’s your link bro.

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