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Students and Teachers – Time to Get Your Office 365 Game On

Microsoft wants to make sure every student and teacher around the globe eligible for free access to Office 365 is using it. The full suite of Office applications; Word, Excel, One Note, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher & Access. Oh, and 1 GB of online storage via OneDrive. What’s not to like. Note that your school must already be signed up to use Office 365. All you need is a valid school email address.

Students can check here: getoffice365  and Teachers can check here: teachers.

Everyone should already be using One Note (it’s free you know).  But I spend a good part of my day with, what I call the Office orphans, Publisher and Access. Master those tools and it may just open some doors for you.


Your school is not using Office 365 today? Ask them why not. Hard to dispute that the world runs on Microsoft. And your school is obliged to provide the tools that will ensure your, or your little urchins, success. Look at the last few lines of any resume that has been written in the past 20 years and you’ll understand what I mean.