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Stuff BlackBerry Fanatics Say

Remember when everyone was sick and tired of smug iPhone owners? How about when Android took flight and gave rise to the Android Army. Me, I’d probably be called a Windows Phone fanboy and certainly there are quite a few who say nonsensical things in the name of their beloved mobile platform of choice. The thing is I never realized how absolutely pathetic the BlackBerry fanatics make fans of the other platforms look with their blind devotion to the BlackBerry brand and experience. I was perusing the USA Today article “BlackBerry Z10 Greeted With Caution; Stock drops 8%” and boy was there some doozies in there and sums up the madness BlackBerry fanatics believe to their core.

Social worker Jamie Hersh-White checked out the new phones at a BlackBerry Experience event in Chicago, and loves them. "I’m thinking of camping outside my Verizon store just so I can feel the excitement."

Can we tell Jamie it’s a pretty safe bet to sleep in her warm bed. She could go into hibernation and still make it in time to pick up a Z10.

Harvey Gee, 47, was purchasing a BlackBerry Z10 for his wife, who was stuck at work. Gee, who works near the AT&T store but lives in Castro Valley, said his wife was worried there would be "a run on them" and thought she should get one right away.

"She’s a BlackBerry fanatic, so she didn’t even consider an iPhone," say Gee.

Long story short, Mr. Gee’s only competition was himself.

A word of advice to our readers. If you see a BlackBerry fanatic do not bring up the Z10 & the complete irrelevance it has to most of us. That is pretty much the equivalent of teasing a bear with food who hasn’t ate in a very long time.

Source: USA Today