The biggest and universal complaint about the Surface RT was that it was sluggish. Microsoft seems to have zeroed in on that and delivered a much snappier device.  Microsoft says the device runs 3 to 4 times faster than original Surface RT. Screen is now Full HD too and 25 percent better battery life. They are also bundling some impressive add-ons.

Surface Pro 2 looks to be a worthy upgrade to last year’s Surface Pro. The latest Intel Haswell processors are powering the device, 75 percent better battery life is a huge deal. That is the number one complaint for Surface Pro owners. It also now comes in White. Might not matter to a bunch of you but it does to others. The biggest disappointment about the Surface Pro 2 is the pricing. Starting at $899 I feel Microsoft misses an opportunity to strike a heavy blow to Apple’s iPad range especially the higher capacity end. The biggest positive is the improved performance touted for the device. When your device can handle 6K video processing that is some serious horsepower and graphic prowess going on. The docking station will be a nice add-on for the device but the pricing needs to be reasonable.

These are my super early impressions of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. What stood out to you from the event? Does the starting pricing of $449 and $899 turn you off? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

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  1. pricing is good… its a premium product and should be sold as so! the minute you lower the price people start to see it as a cheap device. This is why the ipads sell so well, always have… always will! pro 2 here i come!

    • They have to do something to draw the consumer in. Stop with those aspirational commercials and hit home with the emotional thing. I love that the type cover 2 is almost as thin as the original touch cover. I’d go for the Surface Pro 2 and cop the power cover when available.

  2. I have surface pro. 128gb. If you consider it a laptop, I was fine with it. My gripes was it got hot when doing nothing intensive. A bit heavy. And battery. I hated checking email and within 15mins I was in the 80’s% for battery.

    The new one is what I want. But MS is stupid. They are not apple. They need to lower the price. If they came out with the 128gb with 8gb ram for $1000 I would sell mine and buy it. But the only way to get the 8gb ram is with 256gb ssd. It’s going way out of budget. Might as well buy a has well ultra book.

  3. Even though I like the newer Surface pro2, I am not going to buy one. I am happy with my Surface Pro, even if it is giving me 5 to 6 hours battery time. The Surface RT fills my needs whenever I don’t need powerful computing. I would be definitely buying the TouchCover 2 replacing my TypeCover for Surface Pro though. If Microsoft allows Surface RT trade-ins, I will exchange it for Surface 2.

  4. Don’t think I will be biting on either. The Surface 2 is not enough tablet for me, because of the RT. And the Surface Pro 2, is simply too much. More an Ultrabook with detatchable kb, than a tablet.

    Not sure what kind of value my Surface RT would garner in the used market (don’t think very much), so I might hang on to it for sentimental reasons. But I think one of these new 10″ Win 8.1 tablets from Asus or Lenovo are going to find their way into my bag. Light, portable, and able to do what I need a tablet to do.

    In a time long ago, I thought docks were the future. One device with all your data stored on it (think Palm or Pocket PC) that you could plug into a portable or desktop dock and you would have everything you need. But now with the Cloud, you don’t need that device anymore. Your desktop is nothing more than a powerful processor to manipulate your Cloud files. Your laptop, notebook or tablet are the same thing, in different form factors. Multiple devices, one repository for all your data. Fifteen years ago I had docks at home and in the office for my Micron laptops. It was necessary because the laptop had all the data. But today, docks are dead.

  5. I want a Pro 2. But for whatever reason I really wanted GPS in it. Seeing that the gps version will come out “later”, with the LTE model kinda turns me off. I don’t really want LTE… at least I don’t think I want it. I’m sure this will drive the price up considerably as well.

    Seems to me like gps should be part of that “premium” price, and ad LTE later. Plus I don’t want an extra cell bill for a tablet, and I know damn well it probably won’t work with T-Mobile.

    So in short, I like it. But I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now.

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