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SuperShell for iPad 2 is Kid-Friendly and Drop-Proof

Having kids I know they can be hard on devices, I gave them my older (read cheap) Android tablet and within two days they broke the AC adapter to charge it. The screen is all scratched up as well, they don’t take care of anything but yet they want more and more, and it’s not inexpensive things they want either. If you’re got an iPad 2 and children, and you actually let them use it, then you may want to look into getting this new case from M-Edge that is supposedly drop-proof and kid friendly.. Pricing is only $29.99 which I think would be well worth it…


M-Edge Accessories, the market leading designer of accessories for tablets and e-readers, today unveils the SuperShell for iPad 2, a shock-absorbent foam frame that wraps around the device and prevents damage from drops and rough play.  Available at Best Buy and, the SuperShell is ideal for home and classroom settings, as well as industries where the iPad 2 is at risk, including construction sites, hospitals, and sporting events.


The SuperShell is made with ultra-protective closed-cell foam that wraps securely around the iPad 2. The rear-facing camera and speaker are both accessible, with push buttons for volume and power control. The finely dimpled texture and ridges create a comfortable, ergonomic grip for hands of all sizes.  High-impact corners provide maximum protection, absorbing shocks if dropped and allowing the iPad to bounce to safety completely unharmed.  The SuperShell is currently available in the kid-friendly, comic book-inspired color Atomic Green.


M-Edge CTO Adam Ashley says, "The idea for the SuperShell came from a real-life experience when a friend told me the story of his 3-year-old son breaking his iPad’s screen after dropping it on the ground.   We wanted to solve a common parenting dilemma:  how can I allow my child to play games and educational apps on my iPad while ensuring the device’s safety?  The SuperShell acknowledges that children are frequent iPad users and still allows kids to be kids!  Rough play is okay and even encouraged with the SuperShell.  It gives parents peace of mind and protects their investment at the same time."


At just $29.99, the SuperShell is an affordable insurance policy for parents used to babysitting their expensive tablet.  The superhero-inspired case will excite kids and gives them another way to play ‘just like mom and dad.’  SuperShell to the rescue!

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