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Sure Is Hot Out

The ability to add cities that aren’t listed in the TF3D Weather tab is essential for anyone who is from or will be going to villages, small towns, burghs, and nowheresvilles not currently listed. Unfortunately, with the move from TF3D 2.0 to versions 2.1 and 2.5), the venerable Weather Database Editor has become obsolete (i.e., doesn’t work any longer).

Thankfully, JVH3 over at xda-developers has comes up with a replacement weather editor that is simple and, importantly, works. I’ve used it with Herg’s latest 23412 ROM and I was able to add some pretty obscure locales.

Interestingly, the app comes with a desktop PC-based version as well. It seemed pretty cumbersome to me what with MyMobiler to edit my Fuze on my desktop, but who I am I to judge.

While I have you, Herg turned me onto a nifty little trick with TF3D 2.1 weather. As you may already know, you can check Show Weather at My Location and your Fuze will find you and provide the local weather automatically. Additionally, you can add your own list of up to five cities for weather updates. I found it best to check My Location and also assign my hometown a slot so that I can know the weather wherever I happen to be and also be able to see what my hometown weather is like.

My only complaint is that you can only list six cities (including My Location). Given how much I travel, I would like up to ten cities available. But I shouldn’t quibble as I think the Weather tab is a great plus for TF3D. Now I just can’t wait till TF3D 2.5 is ported to VGA!