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Swiftkey Offers Lightning Fast Predictive Text for Android

I decided to try my first after-market keyboard for my Nexus One. I’ve been reasonably pleased with the built-in Android Keyboard, since the upgrade to Froyo, but after reading about Swiftkey I figured it was worth a test run. Swiftkey uses Artificial Intelligence to predict your text. It’s the first keyboard of its kind. Yeah, yeah, predictive text is old news, right? Well, not only does Swiftkey analyze the way words are put together, but it can scan your text message history to “learn” how you write in order to custom-tailor your experience. Immediately, I loved the feel of Swiftkey. The default haptic feedback setting gives you more confidence in your typing, as it feels weighted, almost as though it’s using the built-in G-Sensor. The layout is pretty standard with a few more bells and whistles than Android’s default offering. The quick predictive functionality is easy to integrate into your typing habits. The suggestions show up in a row above the digital keys, while the middle choice serves as the app’s “best guess” for what you are about to say. To select the prediction you can simply press the space bar. Swiftkey analyzes your progress over time, keeping track of how many keystrokes you have saved by using its AI technology. Within 24 hours I upgraded from the Beta to the paid version, which is less than one dollar until the special promotional period expires on September 30th. If you’re looking for a keyboard that considerably ups the ante from Android’s base model, then I can highly recommend Swiftkey.

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