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Swype Beta for Android is Here

swypeandroidbetaI have always been a huge fan of the physical QWERTY keyboard on all my devices. The Tilt 2, Fuze, and even the original Tilt before that. I had to make a choice however when the HD2 came out to either choose screen size and a sleek device form factor or stay with my Tilt 2. I choose the HD2. I hated the Windows Mobile SIP and only enjoyed responding to emails and texting when Swype started getting cooked into ROM’s. I have never looked back or have I even wished for a 4.3 inch device that had a physical keyboard. Swype is just that good. But if you are an Android device owner that has not rooted his device to run a Froyo 2.2 Custom ROM, then you also could be feeling the stock SIP blues. I updated my Dell Streak with Froyo and the Swype SIP is excellent that came with it.

But now there is good news for those of you waiting on the Android Update to Froyo or have a device that most likely won’t get updated to Froyo. Swype Beta is now available for Android! That’s right, you can now sign up for the Swype Beta program and enjoy on screen typing to the fullest with Swype!

All you have to do is register HERE! If you have a device that came embedded with Swype, this will not work so DO NOT DOWNLOAD this beta. (Hey they mentioned it on the Beta signup screen so I figured I should mention it here)

December Update: If you are an active Beta user, and your SwypeInstaller
or Swype Beta has expired, or you want the most recent version,
login above from your device to get the Beta update.
Swype is pleased to offer an (updated) Android Beta!
Here are the details:
  • In English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and introducing French and an early, *UNSTABLE* preview release of Chinese Pinyin
  • Now includes support for Double-Tap-to-Edit, Cursor Restore, and Voice-to-Text (requires Google Voice Search be included in your system firmware)
  • HVGA, WVGA, and WVGA854 Resolutions – don’t worry we’ll detect this automatically. Sorry, no QVGA
  • Limited End User Support – mostly via our forum
  • If your phone came pre-installed with Swype
    DO NOT download this beta (it won’t work)

Thanks to Bryan B for the tip!!

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