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Swype – The Ultimate Keyboard

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If typing on your touch screen mobile has not been a comfortable task for you, Swype is here to change that forever. It is a keyboard which looks almost like any other keyboard but it has one difference which makes it unique. The difference is how you type text. You trace a path across the letters that make the word you want to input. You can use your finger or stylus, but without lifting it from the touch screen. You do not have to touch each letter of the word you want to input. Staying close to the letters while tracing the path is good enough. Swype recognizes every path you draw as one word and types it in your application’s text input area.

Swype’s word recognition accuracy will surprise you. If Swype does not understand a traced path correctly or if you traced a path carelessly, Swype displays all possible words matching the traced path. Just tap the right word and that is it. Be careful that you do not lift your finger until you have completely traced a word. To input a double letter in a word, just scribble on the letter and carry on with the rest of the word. You can also add your own words in the in-built dictionary.

Swype automatically adds a space after every word you input.  It also provides an editing keyboard for common editing functions like copy, cut, paste, page-down, page-up etc. You can use these editing functions if your application supports them.

In brief, Swype provides the following useful features:

  • Excellent word recognition accuracy
  • Text-prediction while tracing
  • Capability to add user-defined words in the in-built dictionary
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Auto-spacing
  • Support for smart phones and tablet PCs
  • Support for accented letters
  • Editing keyboard
  • Over 50 symbols
  • Automatic help
  • 65,000-word learning dictionary
  • And lot more…

To know more details and check Swype’s availability, click here. It is currently available on Samsung Omnia and not available commercially.

The image used here is a cropped version of the image on Swype’s home page.

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