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Target to Halt Kindle Sales Because Amazon Is Taking Their Retail Business

It’s simply an eye for an eye – you take my business I’ll take yours. Target will not be carrying the Kindle but it’s not because of an exclusive with Apple. It’s because Target it pissed that Amazon is taking their retail business and encouraging people to go to retail stores (like Target) and use an Amazon app to price compare and then buy online. In other words, Amazon is encouraging people to use Target as a showroom to make up for Amazon’s lack of a showroom and at Target’s expense. As the NY Times puts it

Now that retailers like Target are aware of this so-called showrooming, carrying Amazon’s Kindle is a little “like Starbucks selling Dunkin’ Donuts gift certificates,” said Michael Norris, a senior analyst for Simba Information.

Expect other tablets to fill the void but there’s a war brewing with retail and e-tail and it’s getting serious as retailers are getting pinched and the online counterparts are reaping the rewards.