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Task Managers Compared

image If you’re like me you probably stopped paying attention to task managers. There are lots of them and they all seemingly do the same thing, so what’s the difference? Well XDA compared four of them to each other to show precisely how they do differ. They compared MMTaskManager, Showcase, ArkSwitch, XTask. The most praise is given to XTask – one we haven’t followed before. They note that it has a lot off additional features (and even link a YouTube video because it’s so feature rich):

But task managing is not the only thing that XTask does. It also functions as a file browser and application launcher, and also it gives you the option to view the history of what you’ve been doing with the file browser. For example, if you install an application, it will show up there. These features can be accessed in one small area by swiping left or right.
XTask also lets you rotate the screen, backup the settings, perform a reset, and it can also figure as a communication manager.

Check out the complete comparison here. Which one do you use?