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Techgage: Moving Your ‘Non-Movable’ Android Apps to an SD Card

Here’s something I found interesting and possibly very useful. Did you ever notice that sometimes when you install an app on Android it’s not moveable? I have, many times actually and I have to wonder why the publishers do this to us?! Some phones and even tablets are very limited on memory or storage space and having the ability to move them to an SD card is a must really if you want to install a lot of things.  If you’re like me and want full control over what apps to move and when then you need to pop on over to Techgage and check out their fairly easy how-to move those non-movable apps. I haven’t done it yet myself but fully intend to, it’s just a matter of finding time to sit down and do it for me. It involves just a few commands over ADB and that’s about it. The best part is that you don’t even need root on your device to do this.

Quote:  “ Have an Android device that’s quickly running out of space due to limited internal memory? Have a large collection of apps that refuse to move over to your SD card? If either of these is true, then you need to know about a simple tweak that can be done to forcibly move over many apps to your SD card – all without rooting.”