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Tegra Going Droid

clip_image001Nvidia’s Tegra chips have been in Zune devices and are featured in Kins as well. But we’ve seen teaser images of Tegra in action and we’ve all been waiting to be blown away by Tegra and to date we haven’t seen that. Well Nvidia’s CEO recently spoke about the future of Tegra. He stated that the first generation of Tegra revolved around Windows Mobile and Zune and it shows a low power high performance chip is possible. Kin was a big deal for them because it’s a full fledged phone.

The bar is pretty high for all of the mobile players. So they need a processor that can keep up with the A4. If not, be much better than what the A4 can do, because they have to take on the leader in this space. So I think the second-generation Tegra is going to do incredibly well because Android is doing incredibly well. So we’re going to come to market with the second-generation Tegra with the third-generation Android. And so that’s our focus now, which is the — and I think it comes together at the end of the year. We’ve talked about smartphones; we’ve talked about tablets. We have a very large number of designs in pipe in flight, and so we’re looking forward to starting in third quarter or fourth quarter, many design wins to show up in production.

Maybe I’m the only one a little confused why they would aim for Android but I guess it’s a popular name right now. Whatever chip they do create would obviously work for Android and WP& since they’re just ARM chips. Anyway, here’s to hoping that Nvidia does step up their game and a new round of chips hit the market that really do perform.

via ZDnet