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Telus & Bell to jump on iPhone bandwagon!

So they finally did it, Canada’s second and third largest telecom companies (Rogers being first), Bell and Telus, hereafter so cleverly called Bellus, will be selling the iPhone starting sometime next month. They’ve decided to team up and take on the bully Rogers who’s had exclusive rights to selling the iPhone for over a year.

According to reports in The Globe And Mail, Bellus announced a year ago that they would put aside their historic rivalry to build the high-speed packet access network, or HSPA, together.. can you hear it? kumbaya my lord.. kumbaya.. that being said, their partnership would allow them to split the approximate $1-billion, gagillion, fafillion, shabolubalu million illion yillion dollar construction cost and get the iPhone in the market sooner.

So, Bellus will be whoring out more iPhone 3G & 3GS promotions and ads for a while, no news on the cost of data plans or any deals, but like a chump, I did sign up to ‘register my interest’ on the Telus website, you can sign up here (Telus) or here (Bell). I shall keep you posted.

But know this.. I would never betray my beloved HTC Diamond (unless of course it was for another HTC model, but that’s all in the family so it doesn’t matter).