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Android Powered Samsung Replenish Arriving Soon

Are you a fan of Android and looking to get a cheap phone with good battery life yet keep your bill low? You’re in luck. Boost Mobile is set to start selling the Samsung Replenish  any day now.

Coming pre-installed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and equipped with a 600MHz processor, 2.0 megapixel camera and QVGA display this won’t exactly be something you’ll be anxious to show off to your friends but it’ll get the texting, Facebook posting job done. Its Android so of course you’ll have access to the 150,000+ apps Google services.

Pricing figures to be around $100. Again its Boost and its Android!

I find it disconcerting that analysts and bloggers don’t note what a huge part cheap, outdated phones like these play in Android’s market success.  I keep seeing articles published in fashion magazines and other industry magazines stating how all the cool people have iPhones.  This flies in the face of statistics that tell us all how badly Android is kicking the iPhone’s rear end. This is why, people who rock up-to-date smartphones are surrounded by people also rocking up-to-date smartphones and have no awareness that such phones are produced and operate Android.

Oh well, Google still gets what they want and that is the ability to tout insane activation numbers and marketshare growth.  Meanwhile those looking for cheap phones can have their choice.  Nobody ever said that one size/price fits all.  Lets just not pretend that these type of phone releases play a huge role in Android’s dominance, maybe even more than being first to market with power features like NFC and dual-core processors.

How much do you think phone releases like the Samsung Replenish matter to Android’s overall success?

Source: Phandroid

Via: Pocketnow