I’m an idiot for new technology.  I buy everything as soon as it comes out provided it has a feature that feel is “must have”.  In this case, it was the brand new Sony PSP Go.  I picked one up on Friday afternoon and ran home to install the new PSP update software from Sony.  They had only just announced the day before that this update added the ability to tether your phone via Bluetooth to your PSP and share its Internet connection.  To me, that was a HUGE selling point!  But… it wasn’t exactly simple to figure out.   I know the PSP Go isn’t going to be as popular (at least right away) as the regular PSP-3000, but here’s how to do it anyway…

So I get home, charge the PSP, download the update (REQUIRED) and switch on my Bluetooth and pair the PSP and the phone.   That part was simple.  Then I started to try and connect the PSP to the phones BT Modem.   Not so fast!  There’s no documentation from Sony on this, and you’re pretty much left to yourself to figure it out!  After searching around a few archives on the internet about tethering other devices to an AT&T device, I came across quite a few sites that made reference to the correct dialup sequence.

To tether the  PSP to the Phone, go to the Bluetooth Device Settings menu, and select Manage Bluetooth Devices, and then Register New Device.  All of these steps are very straight forward, and as long as you have your cell phone in ‘discoverable’ mode, the PSP will find it and send a request to authenticate. 

Next, go down to the very bottom of the settings menu on the PSP to the Network Settings.  Choose “Infrastructure Mode” and then “New Connection”.   Go to the bottom of the list and select “Bluetooth Modem”, and then choose the phone that you added in the last section. 

The PSP will now prompt you for a dialup number.  Enter the following:  *99#
After you enter that, press right all the way through the next few screens, leaving the username and password blank and using all default settings.  The system will ask you to save and test the connection.  You should now be able to connect to your phone’s BT Modem and get online w/your PSP Go from anywhere you get Cellular data service!!

 I was able to get about 99k/sec while inside using THIS speed test.

 Also, I’ve had issues with connecting from time to time, and haven’t really completely figured that out.  So if it doesn’t work the first time, try, try again :)

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  1. the problem here is the guy that tested it just happens to have a phone with an old bluetooth protocal called DUN (dial up networking) but that was phased out years ago for the PAN (personal area network) protocal don’t ask me why sony went with the DUN protocal but your gonna have to find a program to make your phone use the DUN protocal i’m having no luck with my windows mobile xperia but if you find something let me know…. however i have found one program that dosent work for me but has scatered reports of sucess it’s called PDANet 2.0 you gotta pay for it but you can download a 7 day trial and if it works for you it might be worth buying

  2. Sorry for not replying. I was using this on an HTC Fuze w/6.5. Yes, DUN was used, and is a built in BT protocol on most HTC ROMs.

    I am not able to get a connection on my HTC Tilt 2 right now though :(

  3. @ Chris L

    accually DUN us not included by defalt in 6.1 but you have 6.5 and that’s why you have it do the key here for people using windows mobile is upgrade to 6.5 i just did this with my x1 xperia (wich is a htc btw) and it works cause DUN is included by defalt now infact a cellphone maker must request to have it removed if they want it gone now

  4. Alright I got PDANet 2.0, now im just waiting for my PSP Go! =) I’ll report back to you guys after that.


  5. Alright, but if I upgrade to wm 6.5, it would be alot easier to connect to the PSP?

    Thx guys for all good answers!

  6. well there’s a problem with that now to after i posted that it stoped working for me worked once and that was it so i wanna know what version of 6.5 Chris L was using

    @Chris L do you have a link to where you downloaded windows mobile 6.5? i’d like to try the one your using

  7. Ok, I’m trying to do the same thing with my go and a Motorola(Quad Band)here in Afghanistan. We have limited or no personal internet, and I’m hoping I can make this work. If it does, many of my Soldiers would be able to send mail out without having to wait in lines or travel to get to internet. Any help from anyone would be useful. I’m pretty sure that if I can get it to work I’ll be the first to do it here. We have cell service, and a GPRS network through that locally but not much else. Any thoughts?

  8. An Updsate: Just tried my Motorola SLVR L9 with the *99#: that worked. So I guess if you have a Motorola, you are probably good to go. My thanks to those who posted these comments. I now have internet in the middle of nowhere, Afghanistan. Scouts Out!

  9. Some are lucky. HTC Touch Pro should really be able to do that to. It sucks so hard!!
    I wish Sony fix it soon!!
    Hope everything goes well in Afghanistan!

  10. i’m still having problems with windows mobile but it’s a phone problem not a psp problem all phones cept for windows mobile and iphone are working

  11. i agree but it is microsoft and apples fault for taking it out the psp isent the only thing not working all the old pluetooth devices are DUN

  12. @Auige G the iphone is having the most problems with this you need the DUN protocol and apple never uses it PDANet works on the iphone give it a shot

  13. I’ve been trying through att with my BB curve 8900. both devices recognize each other but when the psp goes to connect through the phone my black berry shuts down and resets.

  14. @DROID:

    any android phone running 2.0 or higher can run pdanet you can downland it from the market anyone with windows mobile can goto XDA and download a Cooked rom for there phone that has the BT Dun protocol. as for black berry i dono never owned one I only buy good phones

  15. Thanks for all your help Bill! It warms my heart to know that someone as knowledgable as you is handing out so much worthy advice.

  16. The thing that gets about this and it should be obvious is you’re wireless data plan. in 2010, AT&T has a cap of 2 gb now. I know that sounds like a lot but downloaded games AND surfing the net can set you over easily each month. And you get stuck with paying the high extra charges.

    This makes me worried about the NGP. Sure you can download all the games you want to you’re laptop/home PC and then transfer but the whole 3G experience makes no sense if you have the 2 gig cap each month. Add to this, Verizion is capping traffic for users starting in Summer 2011.

    By making the NGP, backwards compatabile with PSP games through download only, Sony might have shot themselves in the foot. Plus the NGP will carry a high price tag. It still uses media so all is not lost unlike the PSPGo. A failure of a device if anyone’s ever seen one by a mile.

  17. I’ll have to pull the Go out and give this a shot again. Haven’t even used the PSP very much since this article to be honest.

    If I remember correctly, this was a very frustrating process and worked very poorly.

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