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Thanks Tarique Sani for making my life a little easier

auto-thumbnail-proI wanted to give a shout out to Tarique Sani for creating a really nice plugin for WordPress called Auto Post Thumbnail Pro. Yes there is a free version that I have been using for a while but after some major issues with the site I needed a better solution. So I downloaded the Pro version for $9.00 plus a $1.00 added fee (that part sort of rubbed me the wrong way) and for $10 bucks I had a lot easier time getting my featured images working. Every thumbnail plugin I tried timed out including the freeware version of Auto Post Thumbnail but the Pro version quickly got through 665 posts that were missing featured images and got them done.

The pro version also creates a featured image when there is only a video such as YouTube embedded video. I can’t tell you how many times I had to take a screen shot of the YouTube video and upload it manually. Well no more of that. Also it has an author slacker setting that automatically uses a predetermined image when an author fails to use an image in their article. A variety of sarcastic ideas are swirling around my head at the moment and I hope to have a custom image picked out soon. And no @Doug Simmons I don’t need any help! (God help us)

So Tarique has his own business called SANIsoft that you can go and check out and what appears to be pretty nice customer service. I haven’t needed anything yet so I hope it holds true. I paid for my Pro version from Code Canyon that you can find here: CLICK HERE

Nice job Tarique I owe you a beer if you are ever down in my neck of the woods.