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The Alpha 680 May Not Sound Awe Inspiring


But, when you realize it is the first Android powered netbook slated for release this summer things get a little more interesting.  China’s Skytone Transmission Technologies is hoping it’s about three months away from production.   Vroom, can’t you just hear that ARM11 533 MHz processor revving up!   That’s a whopping 5 mhz faster than our Fuzes running a netbook. Given the “fingers crossed” outlook for netbooks to explode this summer I am glad to see Android hanging out with the big boys. Given the hardware and android operating system this could be a very popular netbook on the cheap!! Apparently Google doesn’t have the same view as Apple and understands the netbook craze.

Pricing for the Alpha 680 is said to be ” in the sub-$200 price range” so this will put it right in the thick of things with other netbook manufacturers like Dell and HP in terms of pricing.

Follow this link from our friends at PCWorld for all the tech specs.