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The Beauty of Sponsored Studies

The recent story about iOS vs Android’s app stability has, I’m sure, caused quite a stir with it’s findings.  Apparently the iPhone crashes more often than any version of Android.  This was apparently shocking news to everyone, but after a little digging it’s kind of an interesting topic.

Crittercism was formed and backed by capital from Google.

Also, I call into question the data provided.  How did Crittercism get internal data from the iPhone’s crashes?  Were the crashes simply crash-to-app launcher, or more serious ones that caused a force reset?  Did they include apps or system basics that failed to launch?  Did they just use a few iPhones and extrapolate it into a larger data set?  The guys at Crittercism aren’t too forthcoming with how the data was acquired from the internal crash reporting system from Apple.

I would remain skeptical at this point and keep yourself informed.  This reeks of corporate tomfoolery.