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The Blockbuster App is LIVE!


Remember that Blockbuster app we mentioned to you that was extracted from the TMo HD2? Well go ahead and run it now. Then wait for the update (yes, it’s slow to update but be patient…it will install v2.8). The app has been updated, runs better and seems completed. It also directs you to where you can activate an account to start on demand viewing/downloading. Now, I am not into giving out my credit card info but from all appearances, this app is live. An account is required to actually stream or download a movie to your phone. Oh and yes, you still need to press and hold to get to links within the app- it’s not as gentle to the touch as I’d like. It also flashes in and out of the app (but the app stays active) when you switch screens.

Why did I test this today? The HD2 TMo event is going on now and the Blockbuster app was being shown:)

Anyway, if you test it, share your findings!


BB refreshed BB refreshed 4

BB refreshed 2 BB refreshed 3

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