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The Comforts of Home: A WP7 Story has an article detailing how the EVO 4G is basically a “technology demo.”  You can find the link here.  The problem with cutting edge technology is its buggy.  It is human nature to seek out something that is safe and familiar when venturing into the unknown turns out to bite us in the butt.  This is the siren’s call to phone buyers.  They don’t want something that is buggy no matter how awesome the tech is that they are using.  Most users want something that is safe and comfortable.  After 4 years the iPhone has proven to be just that.  The estimated 600,000 preorders of the iPhone 4 is solid evidence to this.  This is why I don’t believe that the Android can keep their marketshare under their current model.  It is also the reason why I feel the need to reiterate that WP7 is positioned to rapidly gain marketshare.

I am purchasing a WP7 device this fall not because I think its the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I’m buying one because it will just work and I have my choice of what phone best fits me.  All the things that I find myself doing constantly throughout my day will be done and done right out the gate.  Here is a list of things I do with my phone a lot during the day and how WP7 provides a solution to these tasks.

My Frequent Daily Task

WP7 Solution at Launch

01) Phone Calls

Phone Dialer

02) Browsing Tech Sites


03) Text

SMS program

04) Check Email


05) Web search


06) Listen to music


07) Being Social

Deep integration built in facebook and twitter.

08)Playing Games

Xbox Live

09)Write notes


10) Navigation


Every task that I do multiple times in a day on my current WinMo TP2 I can and will be doing on WP7 at launch.  Microsoft has stated over and over that what they are doing they are going to do great out the box and no features will be added until they can be implemented to that standard.

I am a dreamer so the past 48 hrs i’ve been getting goosebumps at the thought of WP7 + Kinetic.  The thing is that even if the WP7 + Kinetic doesn’t work out so well i’ll still be tremendously satisfied because i’ll have all the comforts of home to enjoy on a daily, constantly working basis.  So if you are in the market for a phone that just works, have all the things you use on a daily basis and like to have a choice in what your phone looks like WP7 may just be for you.  Great thing about the phone market is that if WP7 isn’t your cup of tea you are free to do as you please.  All Microsoft can do is show some hospitality and invite you in.  Everything that I need is natively produced by Microsoft in the OS.  Every single app and game third party developers bring to the table is my dessert.  Something I can do without but its always nice to have.  I look forward to dessert and with Netflix, Foursquare, Shazaam, AP Mobile, Hush Hush, and many more great titles coming soon i’ll be able to indulge myself a bit.  Pig out even, that is one of the great comforts of home.