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The Eye in the Sky Says Hi Kthnxbai

Did you just mow a Dark Side of the Moon outline on your lawn and you’re itching to know when one of Google’s satellites will do another flyby to update Google Earth and Maps so you can tell all your friends to look? Or maybe you have a neighbor who’s also in to aerial photography of lawn and wheat field art? Well now you can stop hitting F5 and instead just go to, track down your lawn, hit select point and submit. Google will let you know as soon as it’s snapped more pictures of territories you specify and that they put them up on Maps, Earth or both. Speaking of Earth, you should really try the flight simulator mode with a proper joystick – awesome.

Did you know there are websites devoted to funny/bizarre Google Earth snapshots? Also for Street View, that’s a huge industry.

Woah that’s a short post. Guess I’ll jazz it up with some goofy Earth and Street View pictures…

Doug Simmons







Pics from mostly. Hey, anybody got some nude sunbather sat shots?