We’ve all had that experience – we’re typing and autocorrect kicks in and changes the words you’re typing so instead of saying ‘thanks’ you randomly just wrote ‘Thanksgiving’ in an email to your boss. Well, a friend told me to check out  damnyouautocorrect.com and gotta tell you – great stuff and perfect for a Friday. You’ll get a chuckle but most of it is too vulgar for me to post here (it’s that good).

Anyway, any of you experience any miserable autocorrections on your phone? Share your embarrassment with the group – it’s healthy.


  1. one of the things that I don’t like about the iPhone is how it changes “hell” to “he’ll”… minor annoyance, but I always forget that it does that

  2. That’s because there is no such place as Hell for iPhone users. We all float along in a Steve Jobs induced state of euphoria. LOL

  3. @MartiM: gotta learn how to get into diagnostics for HTC. In the thread (the right one, not this one:)) someone suggests the codes for their HTC Android phone – you can try them out:)

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