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The Fuzaquarium – GSen Customizable Aquarium

FuzeAquariumFM I think you all know that I’m willing to put my Fuze on the line for you guys by now. Well I came across this application the other day which is an aquarium application that utilizes the g-sensor so that the fish goes up/down as you tilt your phone and it even has bubbles with sound. It was written for the Omnia but that’s never stopped me from trying it out. The results – fishy goodness! And if you want some fishy goodness just download this application and place it anywhere on your phone and you’ll se there’s a file called aquarium-i900-g-sensor.exe and if you run it will load. To get out of the program just hit the hardware home or back keys and terminate it using task manager (top right corner of the home screen).

But once I realized I could have fishy goodness, why not have some Fuze goodness? Looking at hekk’s application I realized that I could change his picture files and turn it into anything I want, like a Fuzaquarium:) If you want to make your own customized ‘aquarium’ just modify the three png files (Fish, Intro and Bubble) and if you want to change bubble.wav as well for your own sound. Just leave the background space as the blue color that hekk used and when you run it the blue will disappear (so you don’t need to play with the transparency or otherwise deal with dead space). So in my picture the Fuze is the fish, Intro is the background and bubbles are from the FuzeMobility theme.

So then I went for it all and put one together for Matt and then he created his own (leaving the water background does give it a nice fishy effect, I won’t lie:)

fuzaquarium MobileMattAquarium

If you customize your own aquarium feel free to post some screenshots here in our forums. Enjoy and thanks again to hekk.

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