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The HTC J Butterfly

HTC J Butterfly

Troubled waters and falling profit margins aside, HTC didn’t stop doing what they do best. In fact, the newest buzz word from the HTC camp is now “J Butterfly.” Please, do not let the whole butterfly thing throw you off topic, this thing is by all means the new yard stick for spec-whoring.

Perhaps the big selling point here is the massive 1080p display included with the device. The Super LCD 3 (that’s right, SLCD 3) display boasts a mind blowing 1920 x 1080 resolution framed in a 5 inch housing and an impressive 440 PPI. Without doubt, this display will be the Apple of everyone’s eye (pun intended) once released.

Onboard is a monster Quad Core S4 Pro processor, 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage. Even the battery has received a mammoth 2020mAH fitting, with specs like these, I could only image this was a necessary move. The camera weighs in at 8 mega-pixel with a f/2.0, which should provide some great pictures.

HTC most certainly put their current flagship the One X to shame with this device, but don’t look for this device state side, at least not yet. The J Butterfly has been announced for the Japanese market, maybe this will generate some excitement in HTC’s favor. Check out the official spec sheet for this device.


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