It’s no secret how much I love HTC’ new “Like a BOSS” device, aka the HTC One. Stellar design, perfect display, fun features all around, the thing is just winner. The only problem here is my unshakable loyalty to the Microsoft!

It doesn’t matter if the HTC One made breakfast before I woke up on a daily basis, no live tiles, no Facebook integration (the way I like it,) and no Nokia branding means it will never win! Except, I can’t stop using the thing.

I can’t help but to relate to iPhone users around the world using devices other than their jesus phone. No matter how much you like that “other” thing, you always come home. Right? Right! Damn you HTC! Where is the HTC Windows Oneā€¦ WHERE IS IT?!


  1. The HTC One has 3 strikes against it and it is OUT!

    Strike one – it is a HTC Device – back in the day I was a die hard HTC Fan but then they got sloppy on hardware and software.

    Strike 2 – Android – I am a Windows Mobile Fan. I hate android.

    Strike 3 – I HATE FACEBOOK

  2. To HTC’s credit, they did apologize for the Thunderbolt.

    Also, I suspect HTC Sense might still have a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of your old WinMo days Herg, before you decided to go with “clean” roms. You know, with the windshield wiper, makes you excited to wake up and realize it’s raining, check your HTC Sense animation.

  3. I will say this back then it was fun porting the HTC Manillia 3D and Manillia 2D to other devices. That was a proud moment in my life.

  4. My brother has a One, just got it.

    He is a former Windows Mobile 5/6 guy, and travels frequently.

    HTC slipped for a while, but the One is the real deal. Don’t knock it, it just feels good in the hand and runs very well. The camera was outstanding, too.

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