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The HTC Touch Pro II Coming With Only 49 Keys

Wait a minute, this can’t be right! How can HTC develop a much larger device in the new Touch Pro II, code (Rhodium) and yet still lose 8 keys! Here are the specs on both the Touch Pro and Touch Pro II. Check it out:

Touch Pro: 51 x 102 x 18.05 millimetres

Touch Pro II: 59.2 x 116 x 17.25 millimetres

So now here is the goods, look at the picture below and notice the difference:

One really nice looking synergy on the Touch Pro II is the Caps and Shift Button on the fourth row of keys has now been combined. To me, this seems like a great idea to free up some real estate to enlarge the keys for Fat Fingered Fellows.  Rows one and tow that formerly had 11 Keys have now been whacked down to 9. No extra symbol keys have been added. On the third row of the Touch Pro II you’ll notice that the missing Caps Key at the front is missing, and as mentioned before will be assimilated into the Shift Key on the Fourth Row. On the Fourth Row begins the consolidated Caps/Shift Key and missing again is a dedicated symbol key. Lastly, the Fifth Row also looses two more dedicated Symbol Keys which brings the grand total up to 8 keys lost on the Touch Pro II. I am kinda torn on this one. I have really gotten used to the Fuze’s Keyboard which is identical in Key Size to the Touch Pro, but laid out differently, but I think larger buttons would be a welcomed change. Of course proof is in the pudding, so I guess I will just have to get my hands on one to know for sure! LOL

The real question is what is AT&T going to do with the Keyboard? All of the other US Carriers opted to stick with the HTC Touch Pro Keyboard, will AT&T stay with the same ol’ playbook and keep the symbols over the numbers? Will AT&T Get the Rhodium? And, what will it be called? The suspense may kill us all!

Don’t turn that dial because we will keep you posted on all the of the latest Touch Pro II news and

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what the US Carriers (AT&T, you got your ears on?) will be calling it.

Thanks to Bryan in our forums for the heads up!