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The iPad 2 beginning to “sound” a lot better?

Okay, I love rumors and I like writing about rumors that I think have at least half a chance of making it to reality. This rumor dug out of China by a Japanese Blog sounds too good not to mention. It appears that this unconfirmed report has the new Apple iPad two sounding a lot better with “wide-range” speakers to improve the audio performance on the iPad. Also, it looks like the iPad will undergo some cosmetic changes as well as some physical changes as well. The current iPad measures 242.8 by 189.7 where the iPad two will come in a little smaller with length of 239mm and width 186mm. It is also reported that the bezel around the 9.7-inch display will be smaller. Other information given states that the back of the iPad 2 will be flat instead of the convex design currently used on the first iPad.

Add to this the fact that Digitimes has also leaked that the iPad 2 will have a Retina Display, front facing camera, 3 axis gyroscope, USB port, with a thinner iPhone 4 thinner glass build, the iPad 2 looks to be something to wait for when launched 1st quarter of 2011. Hopefully everyone clears out all the current iPad stock so there is no waiting!

Again this is all unconfirmed rumors, but a lot of it does seen the logical evolution for Apple to improve upon on the iPad 2. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on the latest news and rumors on the iPad 2.

[via BGR]

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