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The New Official Fuze ROM

Well I liked the leaked ROM so I figure that after gunking it up installing all of the apps under the sun for you guys I may as well get a clean ROM so I just flashed to the new official ROM. My initial thoughts: it seems just like the leaked ROM. And I just remembered how TF3D v1 looks and I realize I’m going to have some work to do:) On a positive note, if you did not try the leaked ROM then go for it. A GPS fix from inside my apartment took 4 seconds for the first satellite and I had 6 satellites within 10 seconds which is very impressive (good job new radio:)). Opera was updated to version 16070 which is the same version that was ported about 45 days ago.  It’s still the same grey theme with orange highlights. Oh and take a look at the ‘launch programs’ scroll which shows a few apps were given the same number which is just silly (they all need to be deleted anyway:)) And as I type this it looks like the page is down from HTC’s site again, but fortunately there are a few mirrors noted here in the comments.

Here are a few pics and this is with the bloatware installed. Overall it seems fast but for those of you using the leaked ROM or a 6.5 ROM (like Herg’s) it’s questionable (ok if you’re using 6.5 it’s simply not worth it). It appears to be the same WM build as the leaked ROM as well so they must have been working on this for a while. Oh and the wakeup time on a phone call is 2 rings so that’s still an issue. The delay between the keypad glowing and the phone ringing may have been slightly reduced (still nothing to write home about).

If I see anything else I’ll update this posting and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.