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The Next Xbox Will Not Allow Used Games!!!

So the Edge Online is reporting some new information they got form a source close to the new Xbox, and it’s not all good I think. First there’s a new Kinect coming and it will have blu-ray capability,. The specs seem decent with an 8core AMD CPU and 8gb of ram. They’re also reporting the new Xbox will require an always on internet connection, which is good and bad I guess. The part of all this that is shocking and just plain stupid is that they’re not going to allow second hand or used games anymore on the new console!  I mean seriously, Microsoft just gave me the number one reason NOT to buy their next console, I guess I’ll be getting the PS4.



I hate paying full price for games when they come out, most of them are buggy and need to patched to make them playable, and sadly anymore it seems the games really aren’t even worth paying full price for them.

I know lots of people that strictly buy their games used or happily trade them to friends. The Edge says that the games will come with a one use activation code that ties it to the console, this means you can’t trade it in of course but this also means that my kids couldn’t take the game to their friends house to play as they do know. That’s one of the great things about physical media and the games as they are now, my kids take games to their friends or their friends bring games here to play, it seems that will no longer be possible?!

What the hell is Microsoft thinking by implementing something this stupid?!

Yeah I’ll stick to PC gaming and get the PS4 when it comes out….

Microsoft is about to lose a lot of customers if the source is correct on this one…