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I have been a Windows Rom Developer (ROMs made include Special K and Doug E Fresh Rom). I have port apps for Windows Phone like Opera Mobile, and HTC Sense for Windows Phone. I no longer do that stuff. I now focus on analyzing malware and I own my own business fixing computers as well as installing secured networks. In my spare time I have my own mini network at my house to see the impact as well as analyzing the damaging power the malware causes by using malware samples given to me. Thanks to MobilityDigest.com, I have been given a great pleasure to write about malware and the impact on mobile devices.


  1. What do you think of Windows Phone and Andriod coexisting on a single device? Microsoft seems to think it could work.
    I would buy it.

    • My buying plan this week…
      Nexus 5 off contract. Save my upgrade for Nokia WP TabPhone. Or some other dream device.
      I just don’t know how likely I am to want 2 devices.
      Probably change my mind next week.

  2. I am not happy with Microsoft right now. I am torn because I like windows phone but I am upset at windows phone store team because any of my apps sent to be certified get rejected. I asked what needs to be fixed and all I get is the run around. Well I canceled my developer account.

  3. Herg: I’ll have you know that yours was the first app I’ve ever bought. Twice actually.

    I like most of us share your sentiments about Cruz and the Tea Party err politicians, right on.

  4. Herg, that sucks.
    I tried your “Find Nokia App update” app after you posted it here a couple months ago. I liked it.
    I just read a bunch of stories about windows phone begging for developers. They need more people who actually want to develope for them.

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