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The Skype WP7 Thing Is A Sham – It IS Coming

So all the interwebs are abuzz about this whole Skype not supporting WP7 thing. First off the original quote was that they are “not developing software for the new Windows Mobile software due later this year.” Let’s read the update on Engadget though

Update: Looks like this quote might’ve been taken out of context. MobileTechWorld followed up and learned that while Dan Neary left out Windows Mobile and Windows Phone from a list of currently supported platforms (which makes sense, since one is dying and the other isn’t out yet), he said Windows Phone 7 "is on the roadmap." The question seems to be more of a "when" than an "if" they’ll start building it.

Let’s go one more on this. A Skype WP7 app is already 80% complete. Really? I know that? Well yeah…you know that too.Skype was written for Windows Mobile already, so they can take the code, move it over to Silverlight while retaining 80% of the code, use the new APIs, reskin it and voila. In other words, don’t get you panties all up in ya…it’s going to come.

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