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The Sunglow Portable Wi-Fi Scanner Let’s You Scan Anything, Anywhere

This looks neat, I like portable scanners for some reason, not that I use them a lot I just think they’re cool. This one is apparently only available for purchase on QVC which is weird to me. It has a 1.78” LCD screen so you can see the scans, it has a feeder and of course it’s wi-fi. You can upload via USB, wi-fi or just store on the memory card.


-Sunglow North America, Inc. today announced it has expanded its scanner line with the Pandigital S8X1103 Portable Wi-Fi Wand Scanner with Feeder Dock that combines the flexibility of a wand scanner and the stability of a sheet-fed scanner into one portable device. The new scanner makes it quick and easy for consumers to upload images to a PC or handheld device using Wi-Fi, USB or a MicroSD card, allowing immediate sharing and enjoyment.

The Pandigital S8X1103 Scanner features a color 1.78” LCD Preview Screen so users can see the image of the photo, recipe, kids artwork, document, magazine, or receipt – any image from wallet size to 8½” x 14” – that has been scanned. Lightweight and portable, users can choose which method best fits their needs. The Handheld Wand features ScanRite™ roller tracking technology which guides the scanner perfectly to produce straight high-resolution digital copies, making it ideal for scanning bound materials or while on-the-go. The twin-roller Feeder Dock is great for scanning flat, single pages or photos.

“In an effort to keep up with the growing use of smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, the new Pandigital S8X1103 Scanner features built-in Wi-Fi that makes saving and sharing images easier than ever by allowing users to view their scanned images on any browser,” said Eric Kuo, CEO of Sunglow.

At the touch of a button, users can make high-resolution digital scans at up to 1200 dpi by simply placing the scanner on the image, pressing the scan button and rolling the scanner over the image to be automatically saved on the built-in 128MB memory. Using the Feeder Dock is just as user-friendly. Simply insert the image into the slim device, and with a single touch of a button, scan via the twin-roller design. The result is a digital replica of the original at up to 600 dpi clarity. Users can also choose to save the image as color or black/white, and as a JPEG or PDF file.

The S8X1103 Scanner also features image stitching functionality for combining multiple images with overlapping fields of view to produce a panorama or high-resolution image. After the scan is complete, consumers can view and upload the images by opening any browser on their PC or handheld device, inserting the memory card directly into a computer or using the included USB adapter.

Additionally, the new scanner comes with an AC adapter for the Feeder Dock and a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for the Handheld Wand.

The Pandigital brand of award-winning scanners has been acclaimed for its ease-of-use and excellent performance. The Pandigital S8X1103 Scanner does not require any expensive or confusing software and unlike other photo scanners, it is easy to wipe the wand scanner’s sensor clean for continued, error-free scans. For PC users, the software that is included provides users with cropping tools, color balancing options for optimum image quality and more. Additionally, the Pandigital scanners can be connected to either a PC or MAC via a USB 2.0 port.

The Pandigital S8X1103 Portable Wi-Fi Wand Scanner with Feeder Dock has a MSRP of $129.99 and is available now on QVC.