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The Windows 8 and Surface preview ads are shockingly awesome

I’ve been admittedly harsh on Microsoft’s rollout plans for Windows Phones but this month is a trifecta – Windows 8, Surface and Windows Phone all coming out. Putting WP aside, just watch the new Windows 8 official ad:

There’s a lot of touch. A lot of action. A lot of energy. It gets you excited and shows you there’s something new and you should get pumped for it too. 

Let’s look at the Surface video (which I suspect will start to get some airtime in the very near future):

I’ve watched that video no less than ten times and every time I watch it I’m entirely drawn into it. It gets my undivided attention and confirms that I need to get in line for a midnight release cause this is something special.

I still have an issue with waiting until the 11th hour and then unleashing a flurry of ads, but these recent campaigns really are on a different level than the old Microsoft. They’re exactly in line with the changes the company is undergoing as they move more and more towards a consumer company that’s demanding your attention and fighting with guns blazing  to get its thrown back.