Meanwhile, in Indiana…



I think you get the idea already, though you can catch the full story from ThinkProgress.

By the way, if you really want to flex your 2nd Amendment freedom, consider Indiana — no pesky magazine capacity limits. So grab your flag, buy a few extended clips and don’t miss the Ted Nugent concert.


  1. I’m a proud gun owner and enthusiast. This type of thing is stupid though. Most people don’t like seeing guns in public. Doing to express your right is like a woman walking down the street in NYC topless (which is legal BTW). You don’t do it because that’s asking for trouble.

  2. How is it that I didn’t know about the topless legislation in my city? Well, good analogy.

    I realize their objective here is to do the opposite of blending in, brandishing rifles in town, but it kind of makes wearing camouflage pointless (unless for the irony I guess). I think if they wore business suits, perhaps to show that they mean business, would be more helpful to their cause, whatever it may be. Fatigues? Too… predictable.

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