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ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1 Released – WP7 Theme Imminent

The UI ThrottleLauncher just got an update release with a nice set of features intended to speed it up among other things. But with this release we should also be expecting the release of the WP7 theme shortly, since the dev stated that he was waiting for 1.0.1 to be released. This theme appears to be the fastest and best implementation of WP7 yet so if you want to be prepared for it, I’d have ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1 installed and ready to go:)

Back to ThrottleLauncher. The change log is as follow:

Core changes:

– Speed improvement (FPS limited to 60). – Solved weather not showing images problem.

– Weather can now be taken from Accuweather, ConflippersWeather (using accuweather code preceded by ‘#’) and Google weather (with ‘City, Country’ format).

– Weather now tries to geolocate by IP address to get the correct weather when the locations is ‘auto’ (without the quotes).

– Solved Stocks plugin loading issue.

– Solved issues when texts contain non ASCII characters (they will not show, but they will not make TL crash).

– Background item issue when row is not scrollable.

– Added text images scale to scale the text images (wasn’t supporting high dpi screen graphics).

– Solved an issue when calling :Page action inside threaded procedures without OpenGL.

– Improved Haptic Feedback.

– Solved running applications updating issues.

– AppToDate support

Light3D theme:

– Contacts now works with both kinetic and direct scrolling.

– Icons now show pressed event.

Improved widgets:

– Weather widget not showing pictures problem. Now should work Out of the Box, even showing the correct location by geoip. (Remove all cities to go back to default values).

– Includes a search widget plugin for google (just launches the browser).

– Changed appointments graphics.

– Month calendar widget now allows 2 sizes for both week view and month view.

– Includes a NitrogenControl widget.

The XDA thread for ThrottleLauncher can be found here. The WP7 theme should run on all resolution devices with a touchscreen.