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Tip of the Day: Connecting Browser Tab in Opera 9.7

As many of you have learned, when you install the new beta Opera 9.7, the browser tab in TF3D2 (not sure about old TF3D) doesn’t work. Well, with help from David (Special) K, I found two possible solutions. The first one involved a post that David on December 29, 2008. He provides detailed instructions on how to change the default browser to any browser you want.  It involves tweaking a file named “InternetPortal-en-US.xml.” And this process can be applied to Opera 9.7.

I was all psyched to make the change myself until I, like another commenter on the Opera 9.7 thread today, realized that we either don’t have “InternetPortal-en-US.xml” or it is buried so deep in our registry that it can’t be found.

So here’s another solution that worked for me (sporting EnergyROM 3.0 and TF3D2). In the Opera 9.7 folder in the Program Files directory is a file named Opera9-ml.exe. Copy this file to your Windows directory. In Windows, you should find the old Opera9.exe file. To be safe, rename the file to, say, Opera9-old.exe. Then rename Opera9-ml.exe to Opera9.exe to replace the old file. You can keep the OperaL.exe file the same. Reset and, presto, the browser tab in TF3D2 works…at least it did for me. Oh, and just to be safe again, don’t remove the old Opera from your phone because then it might delete the old OperaL.exe because the new OperaL.exe didn’t work for me.

As I tell my wife when I repairing stuff around the house, “I usually fix things, but I don’t guarantee my work.” Please let me know if either of these fixes work for you (or not!).