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TMo HD2 = Monster

A leaked version of the TMo HD2 ROM has revealed lots of goodies. It will come with the full version of Guitar Hero 5 and Diner Dash Flo on the Go. Prince of Persia and Ferrari GT are also present (but it’s unclear if they are demos or the full version). There’s also a Blockbuster app (which is probably the same as the iPhnoe version and lets you browse and queue movies from your phone). There’s also Mobi-TV support, an AmazonMP3 app, and as we know Slacker Radio is present. And for the final act it there’s a Sense tab for ebooks which is linked to Borders bookstore. Take a look at this video from PocketNow showing off how nice ebooks look on the massive screen (but the Border’s store is not active yet):

Add there’s Swype to complete the package and with all of that you’ve got a serious device on your hands. And yes, it’s actually worth the wait for the US version…