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@TMobile_USA: I appreciate you.

I just got back from a two week stint on Hong Kong and Japan. Luckily for me and my wife, we lit out to Asia just after T-Mobile announced this free unlimited international roaming (and unlimited text and a reasonable flat voice rate). And oh man do I love T-Mobile even more than before.

t-mobile_usaUnlimited international data roaming, that’s crazy, right? To say the least, a bit of fresh air from AT&T’s shakedowns and having to deal with buying a prepaid local sim. Well, it’s on 2G speeds, but you get used to it (and if you want you can pay up for faster speeds).

But the kicker is that it worked in Japan! I thought they had funky bands and protocols. And not just in Tokyo but up in the volcano area near Mount Fuji where you’d think you wouldn’t get any service at all with any phone.

So T-Mobile, this is a bold move on your part, one I appreciate, actually it is a ballsy move if you’d pardon my vernacular, I hope it proves to be a smart investment for you and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. To everyone else beginning to realize that T-Mobile is the pony to bet on, here’s their how-to-switch page and coverage map.

Now, perhaps in exchange for this sweetheart blog post you’ll let me port my number to Google Voice without terminating and reactivating my contract?

Doug Simmons

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