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Toshiba Libretto W100. I definitely want one.


So it may not be the Courier everyone was hoping for but this thing is all sorts of awesome looking.  Toshiba has been running their ultra-mobile Libretto line for quite a few years now and they’ve typically occupied price points north of 1,000$ and with this being limited production/prototype sort of model don’t expect any less.  Planned to launch for their 25th anniversary late this summer the W100 is going to be rocking side by side 7 inch multi-touch screens with Windows 7 Home Premium.  It’s also packing a 1.2GHz Intel U5400 processor with 2GB of DDR3 and 62GB of solid state sweetness.  Haptic feedback on a virtual keyboard included, although I’ll be looking into a nice pen/capacative stylus I can carry around for One Note and other such handwriting recognition awesomeness.  More info and video links after the break.

PCWorld was the source for all this and they even have a nice little video peek with Toshiba explaining some of the features and screen orientations that are possible.  There is no 3G option reported as of yet, but I’m not looking for that kind of connection anyway.  I want a personal organizer for note taking throughout my days on campus and in the library.  This looks freaking sweet.  Wireless from B to N included with Bluetooth support as well.  It has an ACTUAL USB port and a webcam.  The device does have an accelerometer for orientation adjustment so you can turn this baby however you want and use the hell out of her.  Toshiba is planning on keeping this one domestic for a little while in Japan (late August is the word) and then trickle into the EU and US following that in September. 

Engadget is saying 1099$ which I am cool with.  I don’t feel like I’m getting shafted by some awkard attempts to make a phone into a tablet (for more info ask Samsung/Apple).  They’re also thinking this baby is going to be getting around 4 hours of on-time with the Toshiba’s choice of processor, although I believe it could get more. 

The Intel ULV’s proved themselves to me in the old-school Sony ultra-portable S models from around 2005/2006.  They were the first models to have included air cards and got about 6-7 hours on like 3-4 cell batteries.  Yes, this does have two screens but it also has a ULV processor that’s like 5 years more advanced for power consumption, processing power, and we’re looking at a solid state drive which saves even more.  Wifi is something I’d turn on and off on this thing like my cell phone too so you’re looking at still lower power consumption.  I think the ULV’s will provide some really good power and battery life at the same time.  So who wants one of these guys and what price would you pay for it.  I’m on board at 1099$ although if it breaks 1100$ I may likely fall off.

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