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Touch Pro 2 TF3D Available To All

The ‘official’ XBoxMod thread does not have a link to download the package but XBoxMod himself did provide a link to the download here. He wrote:

this is the 1st public release some bug subsist
we always working on it.
check thread on some days for new fix
be sure to have net cf 3.5 on your rom
rom cooked is the best way to have this working

As I noted earlier there are some bugs to this release and they are known bugs but it appears as though they differ slightly based on ROM. This app should work for all Touch Pro’s and Diamonds though. My recommendations are that at this time only people that are willing to play around with this as a demo try it out and you may have to hard reset so if you are unsure about loading this wait for the next release. It is functional and generally works but I’m sure some users will not like any bugs and for them I remind them this is a beta and to just be patient.

They are continuing to work on this project and the official thread is located here. Again, a link for donations to keep this project going is located here.  Please share your experiences if you do try this. Also, this may not uninstall cleanly so if you do try it you should back up your manila files or your entire system. Also, follow the instructions as written with the soft resets – do not take shortcuts or else you can expect it to not function correctly.